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Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0

We have a challenge for you. 

It’s a challenge only within yourself–not comparing to others. 

We just got hooked up with some dope art from our friend Anthony! He gifted us with some of his type art masterpieces that he makes using old typewriters. He’s also rockstar too–he makes music! The dude walks around dripping of all kinds of talent. Come see his work in the center of our practice on our main art wall. It’s got this place poppin’! 

Anthony’s dope type art!

Your challenge: The Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0 Challenge. 

If you’re into dance, then we’ll call it The JT Wannabe Challenge. JT meaning Justin Timberlake, not the other JT!

The challenge is to get you psyched about getting your Bob Ross (or JT) on! You gotta fire up the creative pathways in your brain that get neglected while you’re on the constant hustle. 

Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0 Challenge Guidelines

  1. Pick a creative activity or project that you want to do over the next four weeks. If you want to do multiple projects, go for it! Your project can be anything from dancing, singing, painting, sculpting, drawing–anything that brings your mind to one focus and silences your headspace melodrama.   
  2. Over the next four weeks, commit to working on your creative project for at least 2 hours per week. Don’t have time? You have to make time to love on your mind! Your body and mind will thank you for slowing down your hustle.  
  3. Also, while doing this, take note the times that are most challenging to get your creative juices flowing. What was stopping you from moving forward with your project? Does this have any translation to other things that are challenging or new to you? 
  4. Create checkpoints. Take progress pics, videos, or recordings so you can see your progress. 
  5. Share your pics, videos, or recordings with your biggest fans here at Infinity Spine Center. You can hit up Esther at or me at 

Happy 1 Year, Esther!!

How about a big shoutout to the person that runs the show at Infinity Spine Center!! This week marks Esther’s one year of service with us. Thank you for everything, Esther! 

Finding your inner Bill Belichick 

The ushe. Bill looking all pissed. Source:

Doing the Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0 Challenge is an important piece to help you learn to silence your “inner roommate”–the voice in your head talkin’ all that smack. If you ever feel stuck during the challenge due to your inner roomie making up all this nonsense, it’s time to bring out your Bill Belichick. He’ll keep things moving forward for you even if things aren’t 100% perfect in your mind. Use your progress pictures, videos, recordings, and others work as inspiration to get you past sticking points. If you use someone else’s work, don’t judge your work or theirs, see how you can use their work to forward your progress.   

Your inner roomie is like AB–always talkin’ smack. Pic credit: @ab on the Gram.

our inner roomie is like having Antonio Brown (AB) on your hip talkin’ all kinds of smack 24/7. If you hear your inner roomie telling you you don’t have what it takes, it’s time you break out your inner Bill Belichick. Your inner roomie will act and talk like AB, but your inner Belichick takes no shit and doesn’t mind benching AB when necessary.

Here’s how to silence your inner roomie–the same way Bill tunes out AB.  

Recap: Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0 Challenge

  1. Pick a creative activity that you commit to for the next 4 weeks.   
  2. Work on it for at least 2 hours per week. Split the time however you want.  
  3. Take notes on what challenges you to get keep moving forward.  
  4. Take progress pics, videos, or recordings for checkpoints. 
  5. Share them with your hype crew at Infinity Spine Center!

Cornerman’s Checkpoints

Above: My swing at Gandhi in 2017. I thought I could whip up some masterpiece in 30 minutes. Slowing down was the biggest lesson.   

“Spiritual Leaders” 

Here’s a look at more recent checkpoints that are a part of my “Spiritual Leaders” art project.
 All pics on the left are the first checkpoints with the last checkpoints on the right. 


We need your help! I’m not done with this series. Do you have an idea of who we can add to “Spiritual Leaders?” We are looking for two more figures. Hit us up with your ideas:!

Have an awesome weekend!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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