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Flu Shot and Sammiches? Here’s What I Do

Did you get your flu shot yet? It’s only $1.99 at Walmart. But that’s not all! You get a coupon for a  sammich. Sammiches!

Cornerman’s Sammiches Trivia #1

Name the sammich!

We’re losing about 2 minutes of sunlight per day and have already lost over 2 hours since the end of June. Flu season is like National Chocolate Cupcake Day. BTW, today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day! We just make up stuff and the flu season is no different. How do you get the flu? Not living per Mother Nature’s rules.  

If your sleep schedule and activities haven’t changed since June, you’re creating the perfect recipe for the flu. 

Here are my top 5 things to do this fall to help you avoid the flu. 

Get your shut-eye on!

This is Cornerman 101. Sleep and be in near darkness after sunset gives your immune system leverage to fight off the crazy bugs. Start blocking or filtering light within 30 minutes after sunset. I get it! The sunset is 5:51 pm, and you’ve got kids to feed and emails to answer. The kids should be getting more rest too.

When you’re in darkness, melatonin is released to help you sleep. But melatonin helps with more than sleep, it is also an antioxidant juggernaut preventing damage to your cells. You want all the antioxidant actions of melatonin when the sun is down, especially in the winter. You need your body to be producing melatonin to offset the lack of sunlight during the fall and winter. Decreased sunlight slows your body’s little Ferrari engines called mitochondrion. These little dudes struggle to make energy out of the food you eat when they lack red and near-infrared light. This is how one gets dis and dat. 

What can you do to protect your light receptors in your skin and eyes after sunset?

  1. Use your sexy reds
  2. Cover your skin
  3. Dim your lights (avoid dimmer switches as they put out a massive electrical field)

Sleep, in my opinion, is the most important means of preventing sickness this human-made flu season. 

Outdoor Light Frequencies
Frequencies of Light from Your Phone

Get that chill on!

You don’t have to be a hard as NFL linebacker Brian Peters and sit in a tub of ice water. Start by ending your morning shower with 10 seconds of ecstasy. Give our boy Brian a follow on the IG. 

!! Keep your eyes peeled !! 

Details dropping soon on a life-changing opportunity for you to hang out with Brian and some other amazing people in Sedona in mid-late April 2020!! 

Clear your calendars, my adventurist friends!!

Don’t get all wimpy on me! Cold exposure is your next strategy to prevent the flu. This one will challenge your mindset and possibly make your chest hair grow. The latter is not really true. When you do cold exposure consistently, you’ll become addicted just like walking barefoot on gravel. 

I like the morning best for cold exposure because it can be overstimulating before bed if the water is too cold. 

Search Dr. Internet, and you’ll find plenty of benefits of cold exposure such as fat loss, decreased inflammation, increased lifespan, strengthens the immune system, blah, blah. 

Cold exposure in the fall and winter is one of the best things you can do for your health because of something you learned in high school physics class called Curie Point. Curie Point increased magnetic forces due to lower temperatures.

Super duper nerds: here you go! And hereSuper nerds

“You talkin that new age woo woo quackery again, Thoma!” 

Nah, dust off that high school physics textbook, and you’ll see that magnetic forces increase when temperature decreases.

It’s why your phone won’t work when you cook it in the 100+ degree heat when you’re chillin’ at the pool. 

“Are you saying that there are magnets in my sammiches? And when I eat my sammiches, the magnets enter my cells?”

Proteins in the part of your cell (Ferrari engines) that pass along the electrical energy from your food are made of iron. Iron is magnetic. So when you’re exposed to cold the magnetic fields from the proteins in your cells align with the magnetic poles and speeding the flow of electrical energy from the sammiches you just crushed!

With less opportunity for red and near-infrared as a result of later sunrises and earlier sunsets in the fall and winter, you’re going to have a slowing of food energy through your cells. Cold exposure helps you combat the adverse effects of decreased red and near-infrared during the winter. 

Cornerman’s Sammiches Trivia #2

Name the sammich!
Get that AM sun on!
Go follow him!! You’re going to be in Sedona watching the sunrise with him in April! 

Sunlight EXPOSURE in the morning. EXPOSURE = as much skin as you can.  If you can’t do sunrise and sunset regularly, or you have autoimmune dis or dat or any chronic illness then you gotta hit up the modern-day Contra Cheat code with RNIr light therapy. Nerd alert: light controls your cortisol levels

Get your nighttime fasting on!

Don’t eat after sunset. If you have electrical energy from food entering into your mitochondrion after the sun has set your mitochondrion become constipated. Constipation causes free radicals (damaging little shits) that creep out to your DNA to cause damage leading to chronic illness dis and dat. 

Get your no-thing on!
Give your new friends a follow too! Cause they’re gonna be in Sedona with us!
You in?

Do less. Yes, do less. Meditate, pray, relax. Practice doing no-thing. 

“I have work to do, Cornerman!”

IG is not work, and if you’re on your computer at 10 pm, answering emails, change your priorities, and watch your life change. Make you #1, and you won’t need to get a flu shot. 

5 Quick and Dirty Actionable Steps

  1. Your bedtime should be earlier than it was in June. Make it 9 pm or even better 8:30 EVERYDAY. “But, John…” Make you a priority. 
  2. Cold exposure is no joke! Start by ending your morning shower for 10 seconds on cold. 
  3. Eat your breakfast outside–an easy twofer. 
  4. Fast after sunset. 
  5. Slow your racing mind. Just lay down. Breathe. Lay and do nothing for 15 minutes every day. You can do breathwork, pray, or meditate. Silence your inner roomie (voice). 
Name the sammich!

If you went 3/3 on the Cornerman’s Sammiches Trivia call me immediately at 480-656-6200. We need to talk!

Have an awesome weekend!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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