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Possibly Apple’s Worst Product for Your Health

Still worried about putting a Q-Tips in your ears?

Rapper Q-Tip enjoying those Q-Tip feels.

There’s something far worse to put in your ear than a Q-Tip. 


AirPods and other Bluetooth devices that connect to other wireless technologies work by radiofrequency waves–a type of electromagnetic field. 

One of your best friends when it comes to decreasing your exposure to EMF is distance. The strength of EMF exponentially decreases as you distance yourself from the source. Super nerds, knock yourself out!  

Inverse square law made easy: 8 feet is better than 2 feet

Bill’s brain is getting 16 times the EMF compared to Brady. Distance is your best friend. Bill keeping it real with his antiquated cell. 

How the FCC tests for EMF (it isn’t on humans)

But we are a part of the major experiment that began in 1983 when cellphones first hit the market. How does the government protect you? LOL! 

Specific Absorption Rate or SAR is the rate of energy absorption by the human body (but tests are done on dummies, not humans) when exposed to a radiofrequency field. For several reasons, this is a flawed quantitative measurement used to determine the effects on your cells.  

So many issues with SAR. One…

The SAR is a measure of the maximum amount of microwave radiation absorbed by the head or the body. It is measured in a lab using an artificial model of a large adult with different fluids to simulate human tissue. See more here

More issues with SAR…
The dummy heads used do not contain any metal (e.g., dental fillings, earrings, or eyeglass frames) which could increase the radiation absorption beyond the measured SAR. How about the “liquids” used to simulate human tissues? Please explain more.   

Are children affected differently? Yes!!

Nerds, see study here.

Why do you think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs limited their kids from using smartphones and wireless devices? See here for Bill and here for Steve.

SAR for AirPods and iPhone

Note: when you see “AirPods” you can substitute with any wireless headphones like Jaybird, Beats by Dre, etc. Non-Bluetooth wired headphones are also a bad for your mojo.

iPhone puts out about 3 times more EMF than AirPods, but the downside of AirPods is that you have two different sources of EMF sandwiching your noodle. 1.6 w/kg is the max limit for SAR. And don’t forget SAR is tested on dummies–not real humans.

Slow your roll. 

Before you throw your AirPods in, think about this: 

  1. Radiofrequency fields with AirPods sandwich your brain from the right and left. 
  2. If you keep AirPods in your ears, let’s say during your workout, you accumulate exposure as you listen to music or podcasts. Horrible idea. 
See the FCC webpage here. Scary!
You mean these guys? The same dummies used to simulate humans during a traffic collision? 

Forget about brain cancer
 The primary hazard of cell radiation may not be brain cancer. Our boy Martin Pall (remember this from this article?) showed us how EMF can cause systemic cellular and mitochondrial damage, which threatens health in general and can contribute to a myriad of health problems and chronic diseases. 

This pathway of cell damage, triggered by radiofrequency EMF, may partially explain the unprecedented growth rate of chronic disease since 1990 and is a greater concern statistically than brain tumors–currently. 

Headphones I use

If you stick anything into your ears I’d recommend these

If you have a newer cell that doesn’t have a headphone jack, you’ll need to get a headphone jack adapter. Have an iPhone? Get yours here

Air tube headsets allow you to create greater distance from your phone to your head. If your phone is not on airplane mode, you’re still exposed to radiofrequency fields. 

The only time I use a headset

If I’m out on a walking or hiking and listening to a book, I’ll use headphones. When using headphones, I turn my phone to airplane mode. When your phone is not on airplane mode, your getting bombarded with radiofrequency EMFs. Instead of using your headphones when talking on the phone or when it’s off airplane mode, use the speaker option. When you use the speaker, you can set the phone on a surface away from you to employ your best friend, the inverse square law, to protect cells. 

And cut your Wi-Fi. It’s another destructive tech device throwing out mad radiofrequencies: 

  • oxidative stress: see hereherehere, and here 
  • epilepsy: see here
  • development and behavior: have a read here
  • pancreas damage: here you go
  • testicle damage: comin’ right up
  • oh, you want sperm damage and fries with that? You got it!
  • Would you like to supersize that? Decreased sperm motility and increased sperm DNA fragmentation, right here
  • Destroy the dudes downstairs? Here’s a DIY for that.
  • Fried sperm? Follow this step-by-step recipe right here.  
  • Behavior changes…here you go!
  • object recognition changes here
  • estrogen and progesterone changes…no problem
  • How to pull an all-nighter without trying right here
  • For all my teeth-loving friends: here
  • How to put on a couple lbs: here

Hardwiring your internet is best for your kids and you. 

Have an awesome weekend!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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