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Reverse Dupe Your Feet

How did it feel last night when you took your shoes off when you got home from work?

Now, think about how it felt when you put your shoes on this morning?

Which one felt better–taking them off or putting them on?

If you think it felt better taking them off at the end of the day because you were standing on your feet all day…

Experiment time!!

A lot of blue light coming from that alarm clock too!

Experiment: wear your shoes to bed tonight and take note of how your feet feel when you take them off in the morning when you wake.

Do we need to go to a specialty shoe store to step onto a super-duper 1080 xqs iTreadmill to get a state of the art analysis of our feet and the way we walk?

Do we need orthotics for the flat feet or high arches narratives?

Humans are the only species in the animal kingdom to wear orthotics and shoes. Modified pic from Alpine Foot Specialists. 

Infinite Mind Retreat Announcement!!

 Yea, we’ll have plenty of bidets in this place!

Some adventurists have inquired about aftermarket toilet bling (aka bidet) accessibility in the bathrooms at The Transition–home of the Infinite Mind Retreat in Sedona.


Another bathroom at the pad! Don’t you worry–we got your bidet for you!

Let’s goooo! I’m ALL in!

Ice up and reverse dupe your feet!

Listen to your body and you won’t be sold a narrative on the treadmill or fancy state of the art gadgets talkin’ high or low arches. Download that software (brain-body connection). There’s no substitute for listening to your body.

My boy, Tony, loves his chew toys! 

“But I’ve been wearing orthotics for the past 20 years, Cornerman!”

Meet Linda–one of our patients that started working with us a little over a month ago. Linda is a 74-year-young whippersnapper with a slight spice. Her spice will fire you up a little–in a good way! She was referred to us by a doctor after suffering from RIGHT foot, RIGHT knee, and RIGHT hip pain. On day 1, she asked me what I thought of her orthotics that have propped up her arches for 20 years. I told her my nephew dog, Tony, would love them as a chew toy. Tony loves socks and shoes with a flavor of orthotics. On Linda’s first visit, we found that she had difficulty connecting her mind and body on the LEFT side of her body–this was obvious to Linda once she increased her awareness. After one treatment working on Linda’s mind and LEFT side body connection, she was jazzed up about improvements in her pain on the RIGHT as well as her ability to walk.

This week we had Linda put her orthotics back into her shoes and wear them for 15 minutes. When I told her this, she looked at me like I was crazy. I told her to do it and report back on what she felt.

She came on Monday all pumped up and hot to trot saying her orthotics made her feet feel worse and they made walking more challenging.

Listen to your body. 

What’s best for your brain and body?

Simple: your brain and body. Not some rigid piece of plastic that does the dirty work for your brain and body.

Listen to your body, be intentional and deliberate with your mind-body connection and start rewiring your software and watch your pain and function level up!

Beyond the Mechanics of Your Feet

In addition to the mechanical magic of your feet, they also serve as one of the main electrical energy transfer sites to and fro the earth. If you hang out with our hippie friends you may have heard of this as earthing or grounding. 

“Yo, Cornerman! You trippin’ again on that woo-woo vortex Sedona stuff again.”

.032 volts body voltage not grounded. 

First, look at the next two pics and try to find the difference between the two grounding surfaces. Hint: look at the concrete in both of the pics. 
What’s the difference?

Body voltage decreases by 6 fold when grounding on concrete. 
Check out my body’s voltage as a result of wetting the concrete!! Supercharge your grounding, my friends!

Easy way to improve your earthing and grounding game: water

Grass is also amazing for earthing, but it’s hard to come by in Arizona, especially without all the fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides that jack up your health. Post up on a concrete slab for your grounding sesh!

“Cornerman, the concrete is too cold in the morning for my feet!”

Mornings are getting little chilly at sunrise. One way you can keep your toes warm and toasty and reverse dupe your feet is wearing some moccs! I just stitched a kit together last week and love them! One caveat with moccs is they aren’t conductive–meaning you can’t ground with them. So be sure to get you some barefoot time in the morning at breakfast and lunch, and in the evening before bed. 

In case you missed my stitch work from last week!

5 Actionable Steps to Ice up and Reverse Dupe Your Feet!

  1. If you wear rigid sole shoes, take them off during lunch, and when you get home. Walk around to allow muscles in your feet and legs to contract and push blood back to your heart.
  2. If you wear rigid sole shoes, put your feet up the wall for 10 minutes twice per day. Lunch, when you get home from work, and right before you go to bed are best times due to the pooling of blood in your legs from sitting or being on your feet.
  3. Go barefoot any chance you get. Take advantage of your weekends and evenings by going to the park and walking barefoot. Scottsdale Sports Complex and Cactus Park are both awesome parks. If you find some other places that are barefoot friendly hit us up with your 20!
  4. Just because some state of the art video shows that your gait (the way you walk) may not appear top-notch, it doesn’t mean that your dealing with a foot issue. Anything upstream can cause problems downstream. Your hips are a big one.
  5. You’re going to be walking on your feet the rest of your life. Take care of those precious things. Stimulate the bad boys by walking on gravel and getting massages and acupuncture. 

Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0 Project Check-in!

Check out Lisa’s Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0 skillz!!! Lisa is from the great state of The O-H-I-O! She’s making a quilt for her husband! Thank you for sharing your Bob Ross Wannabe 2.0 progress pics with us, Lisa! You guys rock!

Only 154 more sleeps!

Have an awesome weekend!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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