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The Dirty Dirty in Your Bedroom

Not the dirty dirty you’re thinking.

Watch the video below to see some scary ish. 

How’s the dirty dirty in your bedroom jack your swag?

  1. disrupts melatonin production
  2. linked to chronic inflammation 
  3. triggers the immune system to release inflammatory substances
  4. overstimulates the immune system, then suppresses it and decrease immune cell production
  5. raises cortisol (stress hormone)
  6. increases calcium in the cell to a level too high–physiology nerd alert!!!
  7. elevates blood sugar levels and blood viscosity

Throw compromised fertility in there too from biological effects on reproductive organs.  
The dirty dirty is running through the walls of your home shooting out clouds of energy that you can’t see, but it changes the way your cells function. We talkin’ electromagnetic fields (EMF). 

EMF exposure has been linked to the following disease types:

  1. cancer/tumors
  2. heart disease
  3. autoimmune dis and dat
  4. neurodegenerative diseases–Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia

Before you throw a box of tinfoil at me so I can make a hat, let’s see some of the possible safety levels from an organization that has an interest in your health. 

Just remember that anything .1 volts or more is at least a severe concern. 

Types of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Baby monitors are a horrible idea. We did fine without them for thousands of years. Babies and whippersnappers have developing organs, lower bone density of their skull, lower body weight, and less effective blood-brain barrier that make them particularly vulnerable to the effects of EMF. Nerdy reads here, and here, and here, and here, and here

Note: electrical and magnetic fields are not the same thing. However, a powerline and anything that you plug into a socket will have an electrical and magnetic field. 

For this article, we’re just looking at electrical fields only. There are three types of EMF: 

  1. electric fields (electrical wiring within walls, power cords for lamps and devices, overhead power lines)
  2. magnetic fields (power lines, electrical wiring, light fixtures, appliances, electrical devices)
  3. radiofrequency and microwaves  (wireless and electronic devices – cell towers, cell phones, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi, laptops, baby monitors, microwave ovens)

Why your bedroom is most important

Your bedroom is the most important because you spend 1/3 of your day there along with this…EMF increases glucose metabolim (kinda nerdyvery nerdy) This means more electrons entering your mitochondria at night. But the sun is down! Your cells are like, “WTHeck!” That means nitric oxide is bound to cytochrome c oxidase and electron flow slows. You got free radicals building up at night! Damaging your DNA and all kinds of ish! Forget about your paleoketovegan purified mineral water that you bottled from the Eyjafjallajökull Mountains in Iceland. Your cells are in a state similar to the Miami Dolphins winning the Super Bowl. 

You’re like, “bro, whatcu talkin bout?!”

Poor sleep, restless sleep, joint pain, poor creativity, depression, anxiety, poor energy, brain fog, ADHD, food cravings. That’s what I’m talkin bout!

Here are some measurements from “Sarah and Jerry’s” house…

I’m smiling but I’m getting cooked in this room! This room was measured at 5.04 volts. Over 5 x the extreme concern body voltage recommendation. Check out my boy Tony! 

Fried sperm and scrambled eggs.

The fro has nothing on the electromotive forces in 51.1 volts. That’s over 50 times the extreme concern safety recommendation for sleeping area!!! 

Imagine eating more than 50 times the amount of food that’s recommended for you!!!

22.66 volts for the iPad. Soft boiled? 

“Sarah and Jerry” may want to consider sleeping on their back porch. Go outside and take your shoes off!! Prior to the last 150 years, human body voltage was ~0 volts. 

Nerdy friends, here’s a read for you on the cellular and quantum mechanisms related to EMF. 


  • cancer
  • male and female infertility
  • lowered melatonin/sleep disruption
  • cardiac changes including tachycardiaarrhythmia, and sudden cardiac death
  • diverse neuropsychiatric effects including depression

Have a read here

Nerdy friends, you can read the full article here. The author is dropping bombs!
Let’s give Martin an air high-five! Let’s gooooo! 

The dirty dirty is all around us. It’s next to impossible to avoid it; however, there are somethings that you can start doing that’ll reduce your exposure to the dirty dirty. 

You just want to sip on the Kool-aide…

Here are my top 3 mitigation strategies for my turtle friends: 

  1. move your bed headboard at least 2 feet from the wall
  2. move all electrical appliances at least 2 feet from your bed
  3. use a USB grounding plug when you’re on your laptop especially if you’re charging it and the charger doesn’t have a grounding prong (get one here)

You tell me you wanna chug the Kool-aide…

Here are my top 3 mitigation strategies for my rabbit friends:

  1. cut the circuit to your bedroom
  2. remove all technology from your bedroom
  3. barefoot it on tile, concrete, rocks or grass when using technology–do this at work in case the floor is grounded

Your safety is #1 concern. Please work with an electrical professional. 

Thank you to everyone that’s sent us feedback regarding our emails. You rock!

Have an awesome weekend!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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