Gentle, Specific, Scientific Chiropractic

At Infinity Spine Center, Scottsdale Chiropractor Dr. Thoma is committed to providing  Chiropractic Care and auto accident care.   Chiropractic is a gentle, specific, and scientific based chiropractic treatment for misalignment of the upper cervical spine.  Dr. Thoma is the only Chiropractic member practicing in Scottsdale.

In addition to chiropractic, therapies include acupuncture, dry needlingcorrective movement therapy, red and near infrared light therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle plans that restore and cultivate optimal health and wellness for all ages and cases including acute, maintenance, and injuries as a result of an auto accident. We use Chiropractic supplemented with corrective movement therapy designed for your specific posture and muscle and joint dysfunction.





Scottsdale Chiropractor Dr. Thoma x ray

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